Feminist thoughts

Historicly gentle males regarded women as the weaker sex (gender) and treated them polite with respect. But in the future the males will only respect transsexuals with thorough female touch? Sexy ones in high heels with outstanding chassis, red lips and seducing perfume?

From 30 December 2009
Feminists are firstly spiritual = spooks, demons, dead human beings.
Secondly flesh & blood.

From 28 December 2009
When I point towards Feminists, it’s firstly against the zeitgeist or the spirit of the times. In other words not individuals of women who don’t know who they are or who they want to be. It’s against the demons leading the women into extreme feminism. I’m aiming at the whole system, a system that did not exist 200 years ago. Feminists don’t see themselves as females, they’ve become masculinized – they believe they are like men. If they wear a skirt they feel like a woman, weaker, and that’s unacceptable in the fight against the males, the husband. They’re stubborn like death.

Today both the parents work and leave their children in the hands of the community. It has come to my knowledge that even so young kids as 2 years old are ”sentenced” to Kindergarten here in Sweden. I’m not moralizing now, but I’m looking for common sense – is this a society we wish for the future? Isn’t this a risk for the childrens perception on feeling security? They will be afraid when they are among strangers. I’m not saying this is the worst. It is for good or bad. But it may lead to more criminality when kids grow up and feel insecure? Ideal should be that at least one of the parents always were at home – namely the one best fit for the job – the woman. Today this is controversial, but for 100 years ago it was common sense.

I don’t mean that women should feel bad and guilty, because it’s not helping the situation, furthermore also men want their wifes to work and make ’good’ money. We need to make clear what’s the best and if it’s egoism to leave the kids only for making carriere? Or getting money for a second car. Women feel insecure if they don’t have a well payed job, especially when so many marriages crash and they have to take care of themselves and their kids.

Is it right to make the father to a kind of ”mother at home”? Maybe that’s what the feminists are looking for, transvestite husbands in skirt working in the kitchen..?

I don’t figure this post will end the endeavor of the feminists – hardly and that goes for any guy trying. Men though need to realise where the world is heading..They need to know they are not alone in a world filled with feminist networks, feminist papers, TV-shows, politicians, managers, bosses and so on.

This year, 19th of June, the Swedish Crown-Princess Victoria is getting married to Mr Daniel Westling.

Sweden will have a Queen the day King Carl Gustaf resigns from duty. I think Victoria one day will be a good Queen.
I can’t help it but am still a rojalist from birth..
Here’s the link to the Swedish Royalty Homepage:

Royal Family – Sveriges Kungahus (kungahuset.se)

From 28 December 2009
improved 11 March 2010
Family Life

The Big Provokation, Prejudices, Romanticizing!
That’s it! The man’s dream!

A woman, slightly fat with gorgeous body, dressed in a skirt with a thin blouse showing the big boobs. She stands in the kitchen by the stove making the dinner for her family. She jokes with the kids and speak gently and loving to her tired husband already sitting in the kitchen, waiting for his meal. He says: Your’e lovely dear wife, keeping the family together, bringin’ the kids up, what would I be without You. She replies: So little daddy without You it wouldn’t work, darling. She gives him a kiss. The kids laugh.

By, by, past old days!

From January 2009
As 1 billion females in trousers cry out, they get an answer, namely 1 billion men in skirts?
Is that what they want.
From November 2009

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