Billy For Feminists

Billy For Feminists
Friday, March 12, 2010
This piece of prose, art and culture is written the first time now on Laptop 16th of February 2010.
First time published today, 12 March 2010

As usual, Google Translate and have been a great help.

Harass Feminists = speak the truth..
Tell the truth and the Feminists will say You harass them!

From 13 January
I think it’s like this.
The Devil pushes for extremism from two directions. In the third world he keeps up an unrighteous oppression against women. But in the developed world Satan has made the women Feminists emancipated to an utter extent..
9 March 2010
Let us determine that all ”women” in trousers deserve the nickname ”transvestites”.

From 10 January 2010
We read daily about ”women” mistreated, assaulted by their husbands. Isn’t it like this, Feminists make all such cases into a ”woman thing”. What’s the truth? These men beating their wifes, maybe also beat their kids, their male friends, strangers, brothers and sisters?

From 10 January 2010

The Feminists are not honest, they do not have true equality as an aim?

It’s a big lie?

They try to cheat the world male society?

How come? Think for yourself man! They will never share the shit-jobs in the world? Do You really think the little girls will go for the hard dirty jobs? Down in the ground, up on the heights, balancing with building material? Yes, we see sometimes on television a woman dressed in overall fighting with a dirty job, she is probably one in a hundred, a reportage made by feminists to trick Your mind, do You see? The Feminists are of course only going for the ”butter-jobs”.

All men should realise it has never been the question of equality. Wake up!

Secondly, the female bodies are not fit for hard work, they become physically ill and are then a heavy burden for society.

From 25 January 2010

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