Assassin attempt the 25th March 1993

Wednesday, February 27, 2013  
Assassin attempt the 25th March 1993 
This piece of poetry, art and culture was written 27th of February 2013. 
Google Translate has as usual been a help in translating.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

The 25th of March 2013, it is 20 years since powers on earth threw a chemical bomb, possibly a radioactive one, in the bus where Mr Sunny Boy, Olle Johansson, had his work. Nobody took any notice. The newspapers just wrote about one of his colleagues who died in a heart attack, the days after, and crashed the bus off the road. The report O. J. wrote to the company the same day/evening he was abused, was stolen from the company office, but he still has the police report. Later they closed the police station in Fittja where the report originally was received and done.

O.J. is still waiting for the truth to become official. He of course knows there are fools who further more would like to see someone writing shit about him doing foolish mistakes in life, playing with women, drinking, taking drugs, smoking, swearing, or even worse, beating kids, with greedy hands stealing old womens poor pension, knocking helpful girls, kicking somebody in anger for a completely bagatelle.. etc. etc. F..!

Whatever happens, nothing has happened!

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