Down you wind!

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Down you wind!

This piece of poetry, art and culture was written 24th of March 2013.
© Winterally Olle Johansson
A Jesus alike person (not Olle Johansson) stood up in a small boat and snapped his fingers, ”Be quite, down you wind!”. His friends were deadly scared, but the sea instantly became calm. ”You men of misbelief and distrust, if you had belief you could speak to a mountain and tell it to jump in the sea. Not only that, you could turn the wind and the waves in the opposite direction and so changing the political direction and agenda, so that women put on skirts, stopped using men’s gadgets, let their hair grow, took care of their kids, respected their husbands, lowered their luxurous demands, sought a more humble way of life and gave up their look at men as if they were all violent sex maniacs or criminal abusers.

Happy Easter
Women shut up in the congregation!

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