The Orient Solution?

The Orient Solution?
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
This piece of prose, art and culture has yet not been published. Today 6 Oktober 2010., Google Translate, have as usual been a big help in translating.
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The Orient Solution?

The discussions go on and on. President Barack Obama, FM Hillary Clinton, FM Catherine Ashton, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, President Mahmoud Abbas, PM Salam Fayyad, King Abdullah ll of Jordania, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, President Hosni Mubarak, President Bashar al Assad, PM Saad Hariri, PM Recep Erdogan, Dictator Muammar al-Gadaffi, (Khaled Meshal, PM Ismail Haniye), Tony Blair and many others.

I’m not completely up to date with all information concerning the Middle East conflict. How to bring about an acceptable peace accord.

One problem is evidently Israeli settlements on the West Bank. The Jews have come back to Palestine, to Israel, to Juda/Yehuda. It’s the will of God, who can stop them? For the peace of all peoples living in the Middle East it’s by time to fix the borders between Israel and a Palestinian State, because it doesn’t look like it will be a One State solution. How will it be possible? I think the best way is to buy the peace. The Jews & Israelis have been scattered all around the globe. It was the will of God that drove them away. The Jewish diaspora and suffering has been a blessing for all Peoples and Nations. United Nations and the big Nations of the World should be comitted to pay the bill for achieving peace. The palestinians ought to be compensated for their inconvenience, suffering and loss of land. My advise to solve the problem is a sort of “Peter’s Pence” for Palestine. All inhabitants in the world may contribute a little in Shekel, Dollar, Pound or Euro.

If money starts pouring down, Hamas assumably wants to partake in the feast..

Buy the Peace. Make Jerusalem a safe city!