Idea for a sketch

Idea for a sketch.

I’m the new General!
(Pipy young woman voice, clothed in a military camo suite)

She sits in the sofa in the TV-studio, interviewed by a female reporter. A Proud reporter lucky to show a female General in her program for the first time.

The General is really more a joke than a serious officer. She’s singing out over all the sex harassments in the corps. She’s experienced!

The Reporter: But there’s not only harassments in the Army? Don’t You have fun sometimes? With the males?

The General: Oh yes of course! Once there was such a nice colleague we dated for some time, until he became to intrusive, he tried to kiss me but I was not in the mood. Another lower ranked colleague tried to hug me another time, he’s done, the police started an investigation! F-k him!

Then the General starts talking about weapons.

The General: I just love to see when we’re bombing the enemies! (When she expresses the word b-b-o-o-o-mbing in her pipy voice, the camera zooms in her face so the spectators can see her sick skew smile) My bomb-squad is a formidable team, now we’re on to getting the latest computer directed missiles.

She’s a joke

Footnote. Today it’s almost sure 90 % of the women seeing a sketch like this, will not laugh. But if it had been (possible) 50-75 years ago also women would have laughed and shook their heads.

From January 2010

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