Olof Palme’s Proverb

Olof Palme’s Proverb
Tuesday, November 2, 2010
This piece of prose, art and culture is written the first time 16 February 2010, now on Laptop 16th of February 2010. As usual Tyda.se, Google Translate and Dictionary.com have been a great help.

Olof Palme was the Prime Minister of Sweden for several years. One of his proverbs was:

Politics is the art of what’s possible [to achieving]. (Politik är det möjligas konst. Sw.)

In all democracies it’s not possible to deliver better results than the the ruling party has mandate for. If the governing party/parties looses the majority in Parliament, they’re done. In such cases it’s sometimes better with a re-election. Or finding new partners for another coalition government.

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