Larry Derfner’s book, my view

Referring to Larry Derfner’s new book ”No Country For Jewish Liberals”, Available at and their reading app Kindle.

My view.

Larry is a leftist who wants the good. He is seeking the truth and write it as he believes it. I think he could have formulated/phrased his words better in the case when the right wingers accused him of treason, because he meant that Palestinians had the right to protest and even kill Jews in Israel. Larry should have weighted his words more carefully and only written: The Palestinians believe they have the right to do si or so. Larry became the judge, and that wasn’t a success in that matter. I understand what Larry tried to explain, and he is straight, following his conviction, a true analyzes. We who also have analyzed the conflict and situation in Palestine/Israel for decades, understand there are buried dogs around, as we say in Sweden. Both the Israelis and Palestinians should, for instance, be more critical to their leaders. It’s like powers like to maintain the conflict until something serious happens. Then Israelis will start building the Third Tempel?
To go on. Larry is doing good in defending his conviction openly and honestly. He takes the fight because he is playing with open cards, no cheating. Larry is the hub, the neutralizer, the condensator, between Israelis and Palestinians. He is searching fairness and understanding in both camps. I think he is respected by both camps’ peace wishers, moderate voters.
I’m not directly obviously left or right wing. Therefore I can say, there are left wing people with good heart and intentions as well as there are right wing people like them. I like socialism to some extent, but don’t accept internationalism before nationalism.
”No Country For Jewish Liberals”, is a book describing some of the most important political occasions during the past 20-30 years in Israel. I guess this book will probably be read by most intellectual celebrities in the US and Israel.
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2017-05-13 10:14

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