Rainfall over the ocean

Rainfall over the ocean
Saturday, November 21, 2009
This article is written by Winterally, Olle Johansson, on the 21th November 2009.

After hours of studying on the Internet I have not found all the facts needed to verify and prove the accuracy of my theory.

Maybe I’m an idiot proclaiming this theory, I’ll run the risk. But if I’m not the idiot, who’s then?

Almost all scientists describing dangers with thawing permafrost only speak about emissions of greenhouse gases, CO2 and CH4, carbon dioxide and methane. Everyone is only looking to the problem with the greenhouse gases. Now to the theory: Why aren’t anyone studying or counting on the extreme amount of frozen hidden sweet water reserves that now transforms from ice to floating water. It is possible to see pictures of the melted permafrost when reading about the topic on the Internet. One can see a lot of small lakes, some ranging up to one kilometer. Permafrost can be hundreds of metres deep. A few years ago the area of thawing permafrost amounted to the size of France and Germany in West Siberia. If one thinks a little further, if this is a pattern for the whole northern hemisphere and the winds will increase and also the temperature increases, what will happen?

That’s my question to the expertise.

How many gigaton water is likely to evaporate from these areas and fall down in the oceans?

How much will this raise the water level globally?

How much time does it take before we notice a higher sea level due to the permafrost water solely, and together with the glacier water, the Greenland meltwater, and the West Antarktis meltwater…? 1 year? 10 years? 50 years?

Thanks for the word!

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