Friday, July 30, 2010
Making clear about communism

I’m not against communism in all ways. I believe in socialism and capitalism. I think communism is a possible policy in poor countries where the leaders have no resourses. For example Kibbutzes in Israel was a sort of communism in the young Israel. Today the kibbutzes are companies producing farming products for the export market. China was a real communist country before. But today when they have risen from deep poverty, they are more capitalistic. I am against the godless form of communism, a communism that persecutes Christians or any kind of good behaviour or good belief.

When speaking of whether companies in democracies, run by socialists or right wing capitalists, should be stately owned or privately owned, it needs to be analyzed. I like, have trust in, state owned companies when it comes to production important for society, for all inhabitants of a country. That is for example: Airports, Air Companies, Railroads, Roads, Bridges, Television, Radio, Ferries, Space Agency, Post, Telegraph, Nuclear Facilities, Defence, Police, Prison, Weapon Factories, Internet Services, Custom, Health Care etc

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