Elaine Eksvärd the worst anti-penis feminist in Sweden?

6 maj -16
Elaine Eksvärd the worst anti-penis feminist in Sweden?
I just read parts of her book ”While He Is Still Alive”. It contains her childhood as a daughter to a female immigrant and a Swedish man. The parents divorced and the daughter spent weekends in the fathers flat in Rinkeby, the maybe worst immigrant charged satellite village in Sweden. Elaine is educated and has become a rhetorician and author, she travels around in the country giving speeches and lectures. Here’s the address to her latest valid blog: Elaine Eksvärds blogg | MåBra.com (mabra.com)

To be honest, I’m writing this because I hate feminism and disregard feminists. Ugly women who think they are men, who believe there exist equality, who think they are better than men and can deal with everything in this life as good as men do. You must see the difference between women and fake women. I am 66 years old this year, if I survive until 10th of August. I have seen real women in my life. There were women I admired because they were such fine women, not the least, they kept up the female tradition wearing skirt and gown. They were humble and loved to serve. Some backbiters can here criticize me for showing up in a skirt myself and not being a traditionally appearing man, I don’t give a f-k as they say. All this persecution of over sexualized men in the whole world is insane. It didn’t exist in the old times. It’s like this shit male sex persecution just makes everything worse. The men who ruled the world in the old times knew this. I even remember my own father Harry complaining about this 30-40 years ago. The men today are hardly real men, they even call themselves ”feminists”. The feminists who now try to conquer the whole world and change the laws into anti-penis and anti-men laws must be met with the same intellectual power as they use themselves. Elaine thinks she is so good at power-talk, analyzing words. Personally I never went to any higher school, that’s one reason I believe I still have my sense, comprehension, intellect and understanding in shape.
In Elaines book, on page 65, she describes how her mother tries to control the situation, that she suspects her ex to sexually abuse, molest, the daughter. She asks here if he has done something. She makes her lay down and control, check, her pussy etc. Isn’t this remarkable? Just think if a man has a boy, he has been by his mother over the weekend. He’s afraid she is using him for sex and tells the boy to bring out his penis, starts holding it, turning it here and there, looking for evidence that she’d done something or turned the boy to her new boyfriend? Maybe his anus needs a survey? This is really the new thing for parents!? F-k this feminist sex perversions spreading everywhere. The police can’t do their work for all this and in the end all these divorced parents with their kids find new family constellations where they will abuse half-brothers and half-sisters or become abused. Because the feminists have changed the way of social behavior, leading to millions of divorces, they must attack all men, and try to control them. They don’t want to be women and they don’t want to be ”sex-slaves” or house-wifes for any man. They are heading for the gay-society and they will bring the whole world down with them – the Feminist-Devils. All men are pedophiles, they tell the world. But they forget that they squeeze out babies through their own vaginas. Notice, I’m a Jesus believer as I understand Elaine also confesses to be..

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