Afraid of men

This piece of poetry, art and culture was written 22th of March 2013.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Afraid of men

A man is not afraid of a man.
Women are always afraid.

If a man too has a beard he’s the devil..for these women.
Because women are so afraid of men, there have to be thorough laws, containing men, behind bars. Even in the civil life men are not free, they must cloth themselves in black, grey and brown. Put a dragon on his shirt!

Why have men cut off their beard? Who told them to do that? (Tsar Peter 1700?). Who wants men to look like women and kids? Is it because of better hygiene? Because they are gay? Or is it that women don’t like men looking the way God wanted men to look like. A copy of Himself. The Father with long white beard. Look at the modern man and you understand the psyche of modern women. Some women think men are shaved because they want it. As a man I know men shave because women don’t appreciate beard.

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