Cecilia Gralde’s mum and I part 2

Cecilia Graldes’ mum and I part 2
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Little more details from the last time with Aina and after. It’s worth mentioning, we had many nice days together, this text describes the worst days.
What did really happen? So, Aina and I had started a life together in Stockholm in a 3 room flat. I worked as a bus-driver, drove the city centre buses by Slussen. That meant I had to go up very early in the morning and go by tube for 30-40 minutes to come to Slussen. If I were to start in the morning I had to be even earlier and take a bus from Slussen to Sofia where the garage was situated. So the day at work and travelling to and from, could strech from 9-10 hours a day, it was easy to become exhausted. The few hours a day left, we spent watching TV.
This exhaustion led to our problems. I got to less sleep. One afternoon when I came home Aina sat in the couch with a beer. I didn’t like seeing her drinking beer. That’s how the argument started. She worked as a child caretaker during the days, helped a nearby family with their little toddler in our appartment during day-time. So, in the evening she liked to drink a light beer. A bagatelle one may think after 24 years. But I became disturbed. I went to bed early and called her something like ”f..’n bitch”! That was the real provocation! So she attacked me in bed and hit me in the face. I went up and slapped her back in the face. Then she called the cops. The police came around, a man and a woman. Fortunately they listened to my story and didn’t write any protocol. But this incident was the doom for our relationship. For me it was like treason that she called the police, even though she started the physical abuse, of course I had lit up her anger with an oral provocation, but that’s no excuse as I see it.

Soon thereafter I moved out and stayed by cousin Stellan in Stockholm center. This was just a few days before Christmas 1985. These days I saw Cecilia, Marie Åkesson, for the last time. She sat alone in the kitchen in Alby and I put my hand on her head and teased her little. She was by that time about 20-22 years old.

Aina and I had a really bad conflict, it was so much out of control that I hid our fine kitchen laser knifes in the cellar. I didn’t trust myself and even more not her. For me, she was a traitor who stabbed my back by calling the police.

I worked on as usual and didn’t loose my job. One evening after Christmas I went out for little social activity. Went to the club ”Stampen and Gamlingen” in the Old City. It’s a sort of jazz-club with stomp-sound. Late in the night I danced with a woman the very last dance and got her telephone number. A few days later I called her up. She was a ”social-secretary” in Uppsala. One saturday I took the train to Uppsala and met her. Can’t really remember if we ate at her place or went out? She had a little daughter 9-12 years old who hated her mothers manly conquests. Anyway after a satisfactory night I were back in Stockholm. A few days later I met with Aina and somehow she got information about the social-secretary. She had found her telephone number in my coat or something? And when she asked me if we had done anything vital together, I said ”Sure”. Then Aina gave me a groin kick. My cousin, the turnkey, were present so no more violence occurred. He held her back I remember now, because she was wild. The kick was felt for some time.

Some weeks later Aina made me take over the flat, she moved back to Smalland. She gave me some of the mutual inventory belonging to her.

I say, we were lucky to brake up without worse complications. I’m not accusing her of anything. We were in the hands of strong spiritual powers intervening in our lives.

By the way, isn’t Peter Englund Cecilia Graldes’ half brother? Aina is both their  mother?

After this happened it took only half a year before meeting Jolanta (Jola) whom I married in September 1986. That’s another story. Boris Gardiner had a big hit that summer and it became Jolas’ and mine sweet song: ”I want to wake up with You”, appropriately available here:

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