Give us Your Vote!

Give us Your Vote!

Sunday, September 5, 2010
This piece of poetry, art and culture has yet not been published. Written in December 2009, today 6 January 2010., Google Translate & have as usual been a big help in translating.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Warning: This is a satire! A joke. It’s partly a big bloody lie.

Give us Your vote!
We are the good democrats!
As You all understand, we love the truth!
This is what we want to do, this is our program!

Lower taxes for all companies and individuals.
More subsidies for families with kids.
More money to health care.
More policemen in the streets.
More prisons.
Build 10 war-ships.
Pump in money in the space projects.
Harsher border control.
Pensioners liberated from taxes.
Free schools and universities.
Free buses.
Free medicine.
Christmas present for everyone.
Pump in money in the culture sector.
Bring all soldiers home.
Women – fair wages.
Thank You folks – we’re the good politicians who give You back what You deserve!

3 years later:
F–k, we’ve got an under balanced budget – how come?! Quick, call the World Bank! Call Hugo Chavez for advise..!

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