Lured into marriage

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lured into marriage
This piece of poetry, art and culture was written 26th of March 2013.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

A ”woman” lured a man to make him believe she was a real true woman. A few times she wore skirts and gowns to make him horny. On the wedding day she had a beautiful wedding gown, white, expensive. The guy was happy for a day and a week on honey moon in Venice, for only 10.000£. But back at home she put on the ugly trousers, the male gadgets, cut off all her hair, called her female homo friends, told her man she needed more tampons in the super market, so the trousers wouldn’t become red, he had to go and buy them. She didn’t want kids, she changed her mind. She wanted him to adopt one of her cousins kids instead. As long as he had money, he had to go and buy booze and junk for her and her male and female friends, when they were occupied in bed all day. One day she laughed him straight up in the face and offended him for his greediness. What did he do? Poor guy, he shot them all one day. He got life sentence because he was so evil and wicked. He really got what he deserved! Bastard!

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