Jane Horney, mum’s playmate

Jane Horney, mum’s playmate

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Even though my mother G. is so old – 89 years old, 90 in October, she remembers the Summer when she and her sister Ninni went to Tyringe for a sort of ”childrens Summer exchange”. They stayed by a manufacturer Hansen, owning a boardinghouse in Tyringe, near the city of Hässleholm. By this time there were also a mother and two children, namely the mother of Jane Horney. She stayed there with her kids and waited for her husband, the engineer Fredrik to coming back from the USA. My mother G. and aunt Ninni played with Jane, who according to my mother, was a wild, adventurous girl with plenty of humour. This ought to have been around 1930-32, consequently by this time Jane was 12-14 years old and my mum was 9-11 years old. The same Summer Jane went back with my mother and aunt to the house of my Grandfather on the southcoast. My Grandparents, Bror and Daisy had a neat house just 100 meters from the beach where you have Germany and Rügen straight across the sea. (The ferry from Trelleborg to Rügen Sassnitz took 3 hours and 45 minutes – the ferry line is cancelled since 2020). Jane stayed by the family for a week. She was not afraid of swimming out on deep waters beyond the first sandbank, although they were all prohibited from swimming where they could not reach the bottom. Jane also liked riding horses in Tyringe. That’s all I’ve heard about that Summer. Janes family lived in Stockholm, at Arkitektvägen 69 in Abrahamsberg. Curiously enough my parents lived at Grundläggarvägen, a parallell street, until they bought the house in Ålsten in 1950. Not only that, new neighbors moved in around 1955, Vera and Henry. She came from Tyringe..

What had happened to Jane? Why was she shot and dumped in the Gulf of Öresund, between Sweden and Denmark? She had left Höganäs with a fishing cutter round 20 January 1945 to go to Denmark? But others say she disappeared already the 18th of January. The Danish classified material will come official in 2015, maybe there’s some information? The whole story is fishy because the German Wehrmacht denied that she was a Nazi spy. Some said she worked for Sweden and England. Why was she then killed by the Danish Resistance Movement? As I see it, she had come to some knowledge which was seen as a threat to someone or a group. She was killed about 3 months and 2 weeks before the German capitulation. I say, if she really was a Nazi spy, she maybe deserved to die, but if else? If she worked for the Russians? The English? The Americans? Or didn’t work for any State?

Facts that tell us she may have been innocent, is that she was killed in such a simple manner. Why were there not a helper by her side as she entered the trip back to Denmark, this is logik? Why was she alone? The guys who should have been helping her, killed her? If she was an agent, why didn’t she wear a gun for protection? If she was a real agent, she would have shot herself free. Maybe she was armed and fell oprey to an ambush and had no time to draw the gun?

She was a feminist who wore trousers and liked driving motorcycle, that’s however not a cause for a death sentence.

In the Summer of 1944 she went to Germany again and tried to get in contact with Himmler to make it possible to free Jews from Theresienstadt.

Here’s a link to quick information about this brave woman – Jane – killed the year she would become 27 years old. Link gone.

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