My relatives of pawns

My mother said that Grandmother Andrea, born de Neergaard, married Chrisander and her father, Hans-Fredrik de Neergaard, were side passed when the family heritage was shared. Johan Jakob de Neergaard, who was wealthy, had sold the Fannerupgården in Denmark and bought the Svalövsgården in Malmöhus County. Johan Jakob had told his children that they would receive SEK 1 million, around the turn of the century, under the condition that they married nobly. Now it was that Hans-Fredrik, my grandmother’s father, who was a salvation officer in the Salvation Army, found his wife, Emma Skog from Uppsala, also she salvation officer. Her mother: Stina Lisa Svan Skog lived at Bäverns Gränd 11, Uppsala. The grandmother was Brita Stina Mård lived in Sylta, Åkerby. What I understand, Hans-Fredrik missed out on the legacy, which in today’s monetary value corresponds to approximately 5€ million.

My grandmother’s, grandfather’s grandfather, Johan Michael de Neergaard and his brother, Peter Joachim Johansen de Neergaard b. 24/7 1769, d. 9/1 1835, belonged to Denmark’s largest landowner.

  Castles and mansions belonging to the Danish family de Neergaard.

• Grevensvænge
• Tryggevælde
• Alslevgård
• Svenstrup
• Eskildstrup
• Ringsted Kloster
• Merløsegaard
• Basnæs
• Kærup
• Tølløse slot
• Søgård
• Sonnerupgaard
• Sophienberg
• Høstemark
• Egensekloster
• Store Restrup
• Vivebrogård
• Skærvad
• Fannerup
• Jomfrubakken
• Svalövsgården

Thus, my grandmother’s Danish family were peasants.
My mother’s grandfather’s relatives were peasants at Söderslätt.
My father’s family on grandfather’s and grandmother’s side were small peasants in Kronoberg, Småland.

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Författare: Sven Johansson

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