Friday, March 29, 2013
This piece of poetry, art and culture was written 24th of March 2013.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Yesterday morning around 3-4 o’clock, the 23rd of March, I woke up hearing 2 knocks on the northern wall, together with 2 wind gusts. I later went to sleep again. At noon, eating late breakfast I read the news on text TV and understood that Boris Berezovsky had passed away 67 years old.

Today I looked at the news again, maybe BBC World or SKY News, they said that Berezovsky had written a letter to Vladimir Putin 2 months ago asking for forgiveness for old arguments and that he wanted to come back to Russia. Conclusion: Boris doesn’t need to buy a ticket to Russia any more. He’s now an airman hopefully with a future in Heaven.

This peace of information doesn’t explain the knocks on my wall. It’s definitely not for sure it had anything to do with Berezovsky. It can have been spiritists in the village, any spook who knew about the occurrence, or simple chance.

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