The Ironhouse in New York

Written today 21th of November 0900, 2011

This picture is a scanned postcard from 1908 addressed to my Grandmother Selma. She aquired the postcard just 2 years before my father was born. It was namely like this, Selma was a young pretty woman and had been working in Malmö as a houskeeper, as the family knows. There was this guy who had an interest in Selma, but he wanted to leave for the USA. I don’t think the words on the back side are lines of love, rather of disappointment. Selma had though moved back to Smalland and married Arvid. That’s why he sent the postcard with the Flatiron house in Manhattan where he stayed. Is it possible he meant she was an iron Lady? Anyway, the fate of the world sometimes look like it’s by chance, without a plan, but I think, what the Lord wants, it will happen and no one can stop it, even if that means that dead will stand up and go on living or the stones will start singin’.  By the way, Selma was a real woman who never showed up in trousers or cut her hair, like so many of the women in her age by that time, she died in 1955. There are a few real men in the world, but I think they don’t need women who think they are like men, because if all women live and appear like men, where are then the women? Don’t kids want a real mother, a housewife?

This morning I had this vision before I got out of my bed. There was an extremely big Darkness to the south, there were thunder and lightning, I could see the bolts and hear the bangs, I was afraid it would come in my direction.

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