Language Similarities

Monday, October 6, 2014

Language Similarities

It is my personal view that the English language has most of it’s origin from the Scandinavian languages, that is old Germanic.

I’m not a professor, but language always fascinated me. If you are talented it can give you a satisfaction to study similarities between languages. Sanskrit is a small language today in India. To translate Russian spelling with the right phonetics into English language is not possible in every case.

If there were more time I would have tried to write also Greek, Hebrew and Latin in this column. According to the Bible, human beings have populated the earth for almost 6000 years now. Do all languages today have their roots from the Noah family? In Israel this year is 5775 after God created Adam. This means that there is now 225 years left till year 6000. Remember: It’s in the power of God to create the earth ”as if” it had existed millions of years. Try to deny that. No intelligens on earth can deny it. Jesus is the Son of God, praise God the Father of everybody and everything.

The little job I have done here has taken a few hours with the help of Internet. 20-30 years ago this work would have taken days in a library.

Be aware: this is not a scientific 100% valid language work. My ambition has just been to entertain and create interest. There are for sure some faulties, letters missing, wrong letters, wrong grammar, misunderstanding on my behalf etc. But my faith in Jesus as the Son of God is 100% for sure.

Information from the Internet has been provided by:

Swedish           English       German        Sanskrit           Russian

  • Gud                    God             Gott               Bhagavat            Bog
  • fader                father           Vater               pitr                   otets
  • moder              mother        Mutter             matr                 mat
  • son                      son               Sohn              suna                  syn
  • dotter              daughter      Tochter          duhitr               dotch
  • broder              brother        Bruder           bhratr               brat
  • syster                sister          Schwester      sodary              sestra
  • familj                family         Familie          zambala           semjia
  • hus                    house           Haus               vasati                dom
  • liv                      life                Leben              ivita                schisn
  • hjärta              heart             Herz               hrdaya             serdste
  • mat                  food               Essen             bhojana              eda
  • fisk                   fish                Fisch              matsya              ryba
  • ris                    rice                 Reis                 vrihi-s               risa
  • ljus                  light               Licht                dIpika              svet
  • guld                gold               Gold                  paraj               soloto
  • kyss                 kiss                Küss               cumba         potseluy
  • mun               mouth           Mund              mukha            rot
  • samlag       intercourse     Koitus           sambhoga      snoshenia
  • kyckling       chicken          Huhn       kukkutazavaka    kuritsa
  • vatten            water            Wasser            paniya              voda
  • fot                   foot                Fuss                  pada                 nogi
  • gata/väg        road               Weg                  patha             doroga
  • hand              hand              Hand                 hasta              ruka
  • arm                arm                Arm                   bahu               ruka
  • salt                  salt                 Salz                   lavana             sol
  • träd                tree                Baum                  taru             derevo

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