Sunday, July 24, 2011
This piece of prose, art and culture has yet not been published. Today 5 January 2010.Tyda.se, Google Translate, Dictionary.com have as usual been a big help in translating.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Info about naming someone connected with…narcotics, drinkn’, crime, murder, jail, homo, pedophile, bondage, rape, anything bad, incarcerated rumors. What goes around comes around, gossip, dirt, slander, tattle. Get to know Your neighbor! See how it goes! Some guys dip their nooses too deep..


Little Elsie, 25 years old, has a job, an appartment and some good friends. One weekend she visits the village where she was brought up. She eats dinner at her parents house and later meets some of the old friends. Mike gives her a hug and a slight kiss.
She is a bit surprised to find his pupils big as saucers. A few days later she helds a rattling conversation with her old girlfriend Meg. ”Wow, You don’t know what I saw! Mike’s a dope fiend!”

Some time later Meg calls up Pete and tell the same story: ”You can’t believe it Mike’s a dope fiend!”

Pete’s upset and calls up Rosy and pulls the same story: ”It’s f–kn’ unbelievable, Mike’s a user!”

Rosy becomes really upset too and soon calls up Mary and tells her the same story.

Mary’s upset, f–kn’ Mike! She calls up Lucy and tells the story.

Lucy calls up Henry.
Henry calls up Pierre.
Pierre calls up Luke and it goes on like this for a few weeks.

The rumor goes around. Everybody knows. Mike looses his job, because Henry is his boss and he told him that he had heard from Lucy and Mary what Rosy had heard from Pete. From there it’s easy for Mike to see that it was Meg who forwarded the story.

Mikes girlfriend leaves him. The bank starts pursuing him for not paying the installment. He’s forced to advertise the app. Old friends avoid him. He must ditch the car. He’s pissed off and starts investigating in his thoughts what’s really happened. He later understands that it was the encounter with little Elsie who started the whole process. Mike’s zonked, real nasty stoned. Now he becomes furious!

Little Elsie doesn’t understand anything, she’s a complete imbecile, a jerk. One day when she comes home from work she finds her appartment visited by thieves, her finest things are lost, someone has urinated at the fine carpet. She really goes nuts.

Mike has no job but all time in the world. He sits in a library daily and study interesting subjects.

Meg is found in the hospital badly beaten-up.

Pete has disappeared, but after some time his body is found in a lake.

Rosy is devastated, someone put her house in flames.

Mary is scared, what’s up? Someone has just annihilated her car.

Henry is out in the streets looking for his way run dog ”Turdy”.

Pierre and Luke is overrunned by a drunk hit-and-run driver.

It wasn’t Mike, he’s innocent, not guilty. He’s fine now. He’s got a new job, plenty of money and a gorgeous black wife.

Moral of the story: It’s good being enlightened of the existence of human causes and secret actions by reckless individuals, if it’s not simply occurrences caused by chance. Smear, slander, defamation is a serious business and can lead to death.

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