Different Sex Views

fredag 29 juli 2016
Different Sex Views
Feminist anti penis morals vs. 1960 morals.

Boy’s visit to the female shrink vs. girl’s visit to the male shrink.

I told her (the female shrink) all about my problems. She pitied me and put her hand on my lap and stroked it, it turned me on. I took her hand and kissed it. Then I layed my head in her lap and hugged her. She teased my head and spoke gently how sweet I was. When she got hold on my penis we were destined for sex. I loved her, she was so wonderful. She saved me!

I told him ( the male shrink) all about my problems and he started to touching me. He kissed my hands and teased my stomach, forced his hand between my legs and under my panties. He kissed me and pressed his tongue into my mouth, lead my hand to his ugly erected penis. Etc, etc. It was so ugly, he destroyed my life! Call the police! Prison! Prison! Sex is dirty!

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