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This piece of poetry, art and culture has yet not been published. Written 1 December 2009, today 6 January 2010., Google Translate & have as usual been a big help in translating.

Published first time: 10/1 2010
© Winterally Olle Johansson

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If anything happens in the world while I use the words:

bomb, shoot, gun, rifle, rounds, arms, mine, battleship, fighterjet, grenade, explode, kill, bring to justice, all dead, execute, no excuse, uprising, revolution etc.

it’s not my fault.

If there is any connection whatsoever, it’s that evil forces try to frame me. Maybe a criticizing taurus suffers from paranoia, imagination or insanity, personal disorder, schizophrenia, cold-war oppression, killing, cover up lust. That’s a pity.

I distance myself from all kind of unrighteous violence wherever it takes place. E.g. – wishing others the same treatment I went through, would be completely foolish and a threat to my own health.

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