Stolen blog

Stolen blog
Monday, March 8, 2010
This piece of prose, art and culture is written the first time 8 March 2010.
As usual, Google Translate and have been a great help.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Stolen blog
If a book had been stolen and published in an other name, people would have noticed and reacted with indignation.

I have checked how many visitors I have on Winterally. There have been aproximately 50-100 visitors each month. I’m sure there have been more than so in reality. Sometimes when I have published a new article, the blog has been so congested-[occupied/busy/engaged/preoccupied/reserved] that it was not possible to keep the blog visible, the page was closed down. I also received a letter from GOOGLE AdWords suggesting I should put in an ad to boost Winterally and get more visitors for roundly 7cents per click. I should pay to get more visitors!
Powers of the world have stolen not only my blog and it looks like there was no end to the persecution. As if it was legal to treat a Christian bad only because he’s a believer..”He believes in Jesus..he has to bear his cross..abuse the guy..ha,ha..”.
There seem to be some individuals who understand what has been written and said on Winterally, unfortunately to many don’t take it seriously enough.
I’m in a cultural, medial, spiritual, financial prison and can’t do much.
This year I’m 60. The world is likely heading towards a society described in the Revelation, by saint John. But I don’t think I’m that animal [beast/creature] written of in the Revelation. Even though there has been a unsuccessful planned attempt to put a mark on my forehead in the autumn 1971. Praise the Lord! Jesus is the King!