The Salisbury attack

It looks like the attack in Salisbury has its implications. The authorities has, as I know, yet not come out with what kind of ”gaz-agent” that was used in the Salisbury attack. But as it happened to myself the 25th of March 1993 at Uttran, Tumba, Botkyrka, I suggest there are similarities. If it is a radioactive agent, they will try to hide the facts. Because the authorities suggest the whole area around the couple is contaminated, its likely it is radioactive. I also washed clothes, textile for 9 months, until I had wasted everything, and almost died in hospital. The Sun will get his right and it will change this world for good. The theatre after Salisbury, with the helicoptre crash in New York, air crash in Iran, car crash in Simrishamn, knife guy in Wienna, just spreading fog.That is type, cold war display.

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