Feminists politics

Feminists politics
Friday, January 8, 2010
The feminists are now everywhere in the administrations in western countries. They write new laws backed up by guys meaning they support the feminists. Such men even call themselves – feminists…

In Sweden a man who seeks sex with a prostitute is a criminal, while the prostituted woman goes free.

The sex producer goes free, but the consumer is charged with penalty.

Once again in the Swedish Parliament it’s discussed whether sex surfers on the Internet – the consumers – will be charged with penalty if they study pornografic pictures of persons under the age of 18. Yet again it’s the consumers who will be criminalized, while the producers may go free.

I suppose this is feminist logic. To me it’s crazy, unfair and impossible to supervise. Firsthly it is impossible to say if a person on the net is 17 or 19 years old. It’s crazy to make the consumers responsible. If there is anything to be done, it’s got to be the responsible servers who sort out illegal produced official material.

If not, the police will be drowned with such cases, the prisons full with anti feminists behind bars, waiting for revenge. They take revenge by spreading shit on the net, not the least.

I have studied the phenomenon with sex surfing and conclude that almost everywhere on sex sites, there are people, criminals, agents, organisations, policemen, who deliberately continuously try to serve the consumer with illegal material, they try to frame the surfer. If this is true, all men sexsurfing on the net, risk falling into the snares of these forces. Millions of men will be criminalized. We shall remember that women had no right to vote not so long ago. We can now see where the feminists politics lean towards. Guys will be criminalized for nothing.
The laws have slipped into perversion? Fanatic feminists have succeeded in makin’ all kinds of sex criminal, lesbians uncounted.
”So man you f–d your wife? Put on the handcuffs! He’s a rapist! You’re going to jail!”
The unhappy guy is defending himself: ”No I just teased her pussy, but she was angry and didn’t want to share the rent!”.
The police woman: ”Ha, that’s sexual assault!”
This is a plot against the male society? In the end women will be in majority on all important posts, while the men will do all the heavy dirty work. That’s not the society I would like to see.

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