You’re sick man!

Saturday, February 13, 2010
This piece of poetry, art and culture has yet not been published. Today 29 April 2009.
The story is not directed to any specific individual, it’s all fictive and it is not specially experienced by the author.
A Hollywood payback story, have as usual been a big help in translating.

You’re sick man!

The depressed man, 28, named Porky, visits the psychologist/psychiatrist for some good advises because he’s not feeling so well. He presents his worries and ordeals during an hour for roundly 1000£.

Porky explains everything the best he’s capable of to Dr Chated, a very well-reputed psychologist (=shrink), serving many clients from mainly the upper-class. He’s of course an owner of a Merzedes SL Convertible, but his wife now desires a Porsche Boxter Convertible and Dr Chated needs plenty of money, so he works overtime daily. But worse, his daughter blackmails him for his secret play behind his wifes back, of that he is very well aware, he’s really guilty of abuse. It costs him an extra 100000£ per year. Or else she’ll squeak! She’s also got a video..

Porky goes on telling his lifes story:
”You see I got married 8 years ago, we were very happy and got 3 kids. It was a marvellous time, we found a beautiful house in the suburbs, the neighbors were wonderful, the school was just a block away, I was lucky in my business, the ’Live Now’ project. But there’s where things began getting out of control. My business partner proved to be a criminal, and when the business started to give something back, he wanted everything for himself. He began persecuting me and the family. Strange things happened. We began receiving invoices for things we never ordered. Soon we were busted, my wife ran away with the companion and took the kids with her. I was devastated and could only quick as h-ll move out of the house, as the bank had it knocked down for half the value. The bastard, my companion, he even poisoned our dog. Before the auction I had to sell off all houshold effects left. I had nowhere to stay, rented a room. As if this wasn’t enough, our car and boat went the same way, taken by the bank. My savings, my funds were plundered the same way. I got stony-broke, what mess, h-ll they’re dead, f-ck’n bastards! You see now Dr Chated, that’s why I’m here, my head is aching, I can’t help crying and I have problem to sleep, I go to the pub every evening and drink to much.”

When Dr Chated had listened to all this he bursts out loudly: ”Hey man, you’re sick man, very sick!” Dr Chated plays chocked, Porky is really beaten and in deep shit, but Dr Chated doesn’t want to recognize who is who and what is what. He tells him he doesn’t believe Porky. He says, he thinks it’s just his imagination. ”Hey Porky, I think all this distrust in other people is just your own sick suspicion, they’re all normal people, your friends, it’s just you who don’t rely on them. You’re paranoid and suffer from Personality Disorder(= Schizofrenia, Borderline Case, Narcissism) You’re very sick man!”

By the way, Dr Chated asks, ”Didn’t You as a child wish to kill Your father?”

Porky: ”No certainly not, what disgraceful thought! I loved my father, but yes, I wish I’d punished that bastard shrink of his”

Dr Chated: ”Wow, what anger! How about Your mother, did You wish sex with her?”

Porky: ”Never, what shameful disgrace! I only f—d my friends from school.

Dr Chated: ”Oh, ..the little girls I suppose..?”

Porky: ”Well, not only the girls..”

Dr Chated begins to write prescriptions, medicins aimed at easing up Porky’s symptoms. Poor Porky he’s really screwed up.

”Hey, Mr Chated, Porky tries, there’s one thing I forgot to mention, before I got married there was a stag party. One of my best friends had it all organized. After a wet night at one pub in Soho I had a little to much drinkin’. The only thing I remember is how I woke up in a dark room, naked with handcuffs, streched on a table, with spread legs footcuffed from above. Heavely loaded I noticed around 10 naked guys surrounding me, freaking out and sexually abusing me for hours. It was so terrible, Porky pants”

Dr Chated just sits there with open mouth, also gasping. He rises up and goes towards Porky, lay his hand on his shoulder and sits down at the armrest , says ”Oh, that’s something!” He puts his hand on Porkys thighs and caress with his fingers on his head..”You’re really nice and sweet…” For a moment Dr Chated forgets about his old skeletons in the closet and is lead away by his urge for satisfaction..”So, after all, you really did go to a Catholic School as a child..?”

Dr Chated is turned on and suggests: ”Would You care for a drink with me tonight Porky, I’m really lonely and pissed off by my family situation?”

Porky answers: ”Yeah sure, it’ll be great!”

Dr Chated has a screw loose, he can’t accept it’s the people around Porky who’re wicked! When he’s sexually interested, though, his tone changes. But above all Dr Chateds tactics are always the same, the patients are very ill and need his consultance and prescriptions. He’s going for Porky’s last coinage, stabbin’ a knife in his back..

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