Cyber Raped

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Cyber Raped
This piece of poetry, art and culture has yet not been published. Written 1 December 2011., Google Translate & have as usual been a big help in translating.

© Winterally Olle Johansson

Cyber Raped Hobby Filmer

I am a videofilm amateur. Possess a Sony Handycam producing film with very good quality. To save travelfilms I use the Sony PMB program included in the purchase of the camera.

Unfortunately my laptop later showed up to be less powerful than expected. Then I loaded the PMB program onto an other harddrive in my stationary computer of the mark Packard Bell, by the way a remarkably wonderful computer. When I bought the Packard Bell in 2005, there was a harddrive loaded with the microsoft Media Center operative system. Later I rigged another harddrive and loaded it with an other Media Center program bought through mail order from a known retailer. This was the harddrive I loaded with the PMB program for baking video films. I have started to burn DVD:s of my bigger projects, Germany, Paris, Crete and so on. The other day, after I had ripped a few cd:s for my MP3 player in the car, strange things started to appear on the computer. Double copies of film clips emerged. The latest Germany DVD in VOB from AVCHD started to sound very bad. Somone had gone into my computer and damaged the sound when burning DVDs. For instance, when I was writing into the PMB program making text menues for DVD, there is a possibility to change text color, there some computer freak from long distance had written: TEEN LIGHT. I mean, for a normal deadly person that’s impossible to achieve. Someone goes into a far away computer, goes into program menues and change them, that’s very sophisticated in my view. Why pulling this with the teen? Because I had been in Crete spending the days together with a Polish/Swedish woman and her two 17 year old twin daughters? Yes I filmed them on the beach and they filmed me. So what? That’s our business. Are there sick powers out there in the unknown cyber space?

Who can I blame? Microsoft? Are they really playing that game? I don’t think so. Packard Bell? Hardly. Sony? Definitely not! The music media associations? I find it hard to believe. Then what remains? Hackers payed by states or work from organisations. Anyway, it’s very difficult to point out responsibility when there are so many factors and performers. They would only blame each other and it would be impossible to bring anyone to justice.

Hackers seem to be very active these past weeks everywhere.

I am an amateur. I lost my bus job in 1994. The past 17 years I have been working ideologically without any kind of salary or wage. Now I find that even though I don’t make any money on my productions, still bloody saboteurs damage my work. God knows who they are. What punishment do such terrorists deserve? Did I become furious when the DVDs were damaged? It’s like a hooligan braking into an artist’s atelie, damaging pieces of art work, paintings, drawings. Only because it’s extremely difficult to prove digital footsteps in others computers, it doesn’t mean that they should go free.

The Euro Police should need 1000s of cyber cops hunting down bastards on the net. It would give jobs to many unemployed boys and girls.

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