My answers after Crete holiday

Thursday, November 10, 2011
My answers after Crete holiday
This piece of poetry, art and culture has yet not been published. Written in November 2011, today 10 November., have as usual been a big help in translating.
© Winterally Olle Johansson

Questionnaire from Apollo Travel Company

My answers after 10 days in Crete:
What was the best of your holiday?
The hotel, the staff, the service-mindedness, the greek evening with a dance group was very popular among young and old, the dansers were really professional, charming and engaged kids of all ages. I have lived over 1 year in Crete and know fairly well how to find the best beaches – rented a car for 7 days.

What was not so good with Your travel?
Fell oprey to burglary, someone smashed the side window and broke into the car, stole a bag with my clothes, trousers, sweater, wind-jacket, leather-belt. I bought new things in Chania, a new winter jacket, because it’s rather cold in Stockholm now. I suspect my old friends/enemies from old times. I was also cheated when buying a small leather bag, the shopman switched the good bag I had chosen and put a defect one in the plastic bag, no receipt. It was then to late to get another one. On two occations my old friends shot with automatic gunfire near our hotel. Not the first times for me in Crete..But this is not something that has to do with Apollo, it’s my own problem. I don’t think Crete moral has deterioated since 96-97.

More comments?
I believe Cretans on the whole will lower themselves and make a bid for good service more than ever. The danger with the Greek crises is that many hotels run the risk of decay if customers fail and that’s a threat to the tourist industri and the nation of Greece as a whole. Unfortunately there are active destructive elements, huligans, saboteurs, anarchists who readily destroy others property, breaking electricity armatur, smashing windows, breaking off sculptures, uprooting plants in gardens, spraying graffiti etc, scaring off timid tourists from the whole world. They are no real good Greeks, maybe they are foreigners? Maybe they are disappointed Khadaffi drones? If not the Greeks go to the bottom with their problems in a democratic order, we may well see, once again, a military dictatorship build up.

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