Sweet Pieces

Sweet Pieces
Sunday, January 10, 2010
This piece of poetry, art and culture has yet not been published. Today 2-12-09
Published 10/1 2010
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© Winterally Olle Johansson

Twisted Morality

I think a twisted morality in society is more damaging to young people than the abuse itself that hurt them.

E.g. if a girl is abused by a boy at a party and she then goes home to mum and squeak. Then they go together to the police and start a whole row of harmful proceedings. Of course she feels very bad, and it’s not strange at all if she later will be even worse off. She’ll believe for herself, that her whole life has been damaged, which of course is not true. It’s a dangerous moralizing. Why? I think it’s an exaggerative moral view on sex abuse. The feminist mother in trousers, tells her daughter in trousers, how terrible it is when a boy has teased her little pussy, it’s a bloody crime! When women hardly were not in the Parliaments 50-75 years ago, such things were not mentioned at all. It was not a case for the society to intervene, to drag things from bedroom and under the sheets misbehavings to courts. Today it’s everywhere every day. Are you really sure the effect is not the opposite? It’s almost always the male gender who are the perpetrators, it strucks all men. With such a policy, or society values, it’s a risk everything becomes worse and men get a wrong picture of themselves. The naive intention was maybe good, but personally I doubt it and the methods lead to the opposite. It’s a question if not the hunting of pedophiles also will result in a hopeless situation where more and more guys become curious and fall into the traps on the Internet.

Then what to do? Is it to late to do anything more clever? That’s a question for the smart guys.

Does any guy want to be together with a woman who’s always around in trousers, who cuts her hair short, never uses cosmetics..? Many men find transsexual boys more interesting, but where will it end? I think I know.

I regret I didn’t have sex with mature women as a young boy when there was a chance, I think it would have made me a more sensual loving type.

Anyway, something will happen, there has to be a change, otherwise the prisons will be crowded with men accused of sex crimes and women abuse. When they become discharged from prison or break out, they are filled with unresolved resentment, they may flip out in anger toward women. Are men really bad bastards? Must innumerable men go to jail!


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