Tigray Ethiopia 95% Christians

So how is it possible that people of a region in Ethiopia with a 90-95 % Christian population are forced to flee? A whizz on the net suggests that the Christian region were infiltrated by Marxists. The so called Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF). How can Marxists, who are enemies of religion, be in power among Christians? It is said that in the whole of Ethiopia, little over 50% are Christians. Overall, looking at the complex history of Ethiopia, I can only pull myself out from the difficult explanations. I only suggest the reader to study more on the topic, because there are buried dogs here while the world press doesn’t explain anything of this I’ve just told You.

Religion of population in Tigray 2007

Orthodox Christians 95.6%
Muslims 4.0%
Catholic 0.4%

Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigray_Region

Yesterday there was a reportage on Al Jazeera covering muslim Rohyingas. Swedish TV4 also reported about the Rohyingas. But no other channel had that kind of news as I could see, not in Sweden and not globally, Astra channels.

Written 5 December 2020

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  • Tigray Ethiopia 95% Kristna Så hur är det möjligt att människor i en region i Etiopien med en kristen befolkning på 90-95% tvingas fly? En expert på nätet föreslår att den kristna regionen infiltrerats av marxister. Den så kallade Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF). Hur kan marxister, som är fiender till religionen, ha makten bland kristna? Det sägs att drygt 50% är kristna i hela Etiopien. Sammantaget, när jag tittar på Etiopiens komplexa historia, kan jag bara dra mig ur de svåra förklaringarna. Jag föreslår bara läsaren att studera mer om ämnet, för det finns begravda hundar här medan världspressen inte förklarar någonting av detta jag just har sagt Dig. Befolkningens religion i Tigray 2007

Ortodoxa kristna 95,6%
Muslimer 4,0%
Katolska 0,4%

Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigray_Region

Igår var det ett reportage om Al Jazeera som täckte muslimska Rohyingas. Svenska TV4 rapporterade också om Rohyingas. Men ingen annan kanal hade den typen av nyheter som jag kunde se, inte i Sverige och inte globalt, Astra kanaler.

Skrivet 5 december 2020

Författare: Sven Johansson

My parents sent me to England, 5 weeks 1965, in the Summer, to participate in an English language-course, in the very neat town of Exmouth. Even though I had the best point in English from the gymnasium, I realise my English will never be perfect. This guy is 69 years of age this Summer. He has been writing political, religious, and many other topics since 1980. He believed he had important things to tell. Because he is un-known to most people, it proves that the world is ruled by the same "sort of gang".