The Campaign

Först blev Trump höjd till skyarna för triumfen med att få hem Asap Rocky från Sverige. Efter en tid organiserade BLM-rörelsen en oerhörd internationell kampanj grundad på George Floyds död och videoklippet där han sa “I can’t breath”.

Där har vi kanske en av orsakerna till Trumps valförlust.


First, Trump rose to the skies for the triumph of bringing Asap Rocky home from Sweden. After some time, the BLM movement organized a tremendous international campaign based on the death of George Floyd and the video clip in which he said “I can’t breath”.

There is perhaps one of the reasons for Trump’s election loss.

Författare: Sven Johansson

My parents sent me to England, 5 weeks 1965, in the Summer, to participate in an English language-course, in the very neat town of Exmouth. Even though I had the best point in English from the gymnasium, I realise my English will never be perfect. This guy is 69 years of age this Summer. He has been writing political, religious, and many other topics since 1980. He believed he had important things to tell. Because he is un-known to most people, it proves that the world is ruled by the same "sort of gang".